RC Report

Jeanne Marie joins RC to discuss the NFL’s deliberate campaign to hide information on concussions from its players and the public.

Fox and Friends

The real people behind ‘Concussion’

BBC News

Public ‘dazzled’ by NFL, says Concussion author

CBS News

“Concussion” author talks football brain injuries, NFL response

NPR Science Friday

Is Football Bad for Your Brain?

The Hollywood Reporter

‘Concussion’ Author on NFL: “It’s Sort of Like the Tobacco Industry”

Pittsburgh Sun Times

Jeanne Marie Laskas On Head Injuries And The NFL And The Upcoming Movie Concussion


What’s the Future of Football in the Age of Concussions?

WDAE-AM Tampa Bay Sports Radio Steve Duemig Show

Jeanne Marie Laskas joins Steve to talk about her book “Concussion” and about the issue of concussions in sports.

WCHB-FM Detroit Speaks With Cliff Russell

Jeanne Marie Laskas “Concussion” Book Debut & Upcoming Movie Premiere

CBS Sports Radio St. Louis We Are Live

Jeanne Marie Laskas- GQ Contributor, Author of “Concussion” which inspired the soon to be released Will Smith movie

WTAE Pittsburgh

Author of ‘Concussion’ Talks about her book, the movie and the GQ article

Boston Globe

An outsider exposes damaging truth in ‘Concussion’

Sirius XM The Michael Smerconish Program 

“Concussion” Author: Football helmets are the filtered cigarettes of this century

96.9FM The Game, WYGM Orlando The Beat of Sports

Jeanne Marie Laskas author of Concussion on her book and the upcoming movie.

105.7 The Fan, WJZ-FM Baltimore The Norris and Davis Show

Writer Jeanne Marie Laskas on her article which inspired the upcoming movie on the NFL and head injuries entitled ‘Concussion’.

CBS Sports 920 St. Louis The Brian Stull Show

Jeanne Marie Laskas Interview

98.5 The Sports Hub Boston Toucher and Rich Show

Concussion author Jeanne Marie Laskas talked to Larry and John about the movie and Dr. Bennet Omalu who discovered CTE in former Steeler Mike Webster.

KDKA Radio Pittsburgh

“Game Brain” Author Talks New Movie “Concussion”

Hidden America

PRX – Middle Ground with Celeste Headlee

Who are the people you rely on every day but don’t notice? Celeste talks to journalist Jeanne Marie Laskas about her book Hidden America.

Lou Dobbs Tonight – Fox Business

Shining a Light on America’s Hidden Workers

NPR – Talk of the Nation

Exploring ‘Hidden’ Jobs, From Coal Miner To Cowboys


Podcast #9: Jeanne Marie Laskas

Minnesota Public Radio, The Daily Circuit

Listen to Jeanne Marie Laskas as she’s interviewed by Tom Weber.

WYPR Baltimore

A conversation with Jeanne Marie Laskas, intrepid journalist and author of Hidden America on November 20, 2012.

WTAE Pittsburgh

WTAE Pittsburgh interviewed Jeanne Marie and Sputter on September 20, 2012.

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